Organiq is a Rotterdam based digital agency. We blend strategy, creativity and technology to help schools, homes, organisations to excellerate people by using gamification, games and interactive multimedia. 

We find solutions for various challenges in the areas of knowledge, awareness and behavioural change. We use the Total Brainbox methods to think outside or inside the box with our clients to pursue the main question(s) and the solutions. We produce e-learning, gamification, media productions and events to get things done. 

We have a broad experience with various target groups from (small) childeren to grown-ups and elderly. We always focus on the 'main question' and the end-user. Our clients are within the public and private domain. We are around for more than 10 years and we have a team of 24+ people dedicated to work with you. 

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Articulate Storyline

MIA (Organiq’s gamification LCMS)

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Co-creation: Six steps to success.


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