Organiq wants to change the world through interaction and game elements.

For over 10 years we are a proven expert on interaction, for projects in a broad spectrum. We want to build on this reputation in order to become the interaction expert of the Netherlands, Europe and eventually the world.


Mission Social Inclusion

Self-reliance becomes more and more important in modern society. However, the additional digitalisation adds a larger focus on digital and reading abilities, which stymies many people and through them society as a whole. Organiq wants to help tackling this problem with her Mission Social Inclusion:

Improve Social Inclusion through interaction and game elements.   


Issues concerning Social Inclusion are widespread:



Sadly, this list continues on and on.


A picture will always say more than a thousand words. Although this way thinking shows its influences in places like public transportation worldwide, the internet is still largely text-based.

By putting a focus on imagery, content becomes easier and quicker to understand. This ease stimulates and motivates people to communicate more with fewer words, which enables faster knowledge sharing.

By sharing knowledge with fewer words again enables content to be easily understood. This two-tiered rocket could eventually lead to more participation by low-literates in a society that is easier to understand.


With this mission Organiq aims to create a new interaction design movement in Europa, leading up to better knowledge sharing in African school. E-learning, E-knowledge, E-inclusion.